Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Bring Down Negative Reviews Pages In Search Engines

How to Bring Down Negative Reviews Pages In Search Engine

A recent strategy says, about 60% of online business gets low leads and sales due to results of negative reviews on Google web pages. This result pages directly affect your productivity and sales among other potential customers. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise when it comes to online people check for reviews since the virtual environment doesn’t believe in a word of mouth.
So what if you got a SERP on top relating to negative reviews or complaint? There are techniques to resolve the issue before it breaks down the business effectively. The thing is you must plan and execute in the way it works. Here let’s try to understand few methods to bring down the reviews to the 3rd page than doing things like flagging or appointing an ORM service provider.

Reach the reviewer:
This is the most effective method if done successfully and also the toughest one since you are about to console the frustrated customer who was disappointed in your service. Show some effort and involve rectifying the exact fault and resolve it as soon as possible. Once the effort you put is seen by your reviewer you may get a chance to get rid of the issue soon. If everything gets done you may ask the reviewer either to post a positive comment or request to remove it.

 Create social media accounts:
Create accounts on different social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google plus etc. Having an active presence and posting information for customers can create a good branding as well as credibility. You can increase your visibility strength and potential sales by controlling all the accounts (what to display and whatnot).

 Buy domain and sub-domains:
 It’s advisable if you have a separate domain for your business. And if you already have, buy few sub-domains relating your business name and link your social media accounts so that Google can maintain a authority for your site. Add content and links to all websites.

Add new content regularly
Keep refreshing your content regularly also set up infographics and video content. While doing video or any picture content always remember to give ALT text to it. Only then Google will understand the content and make it appear on the search engines.

Be active online

Do off page SEO like blog commenting, article submission, guest blogs etc. on authority sites to get a good backlink for your site.  Be sure to use your business name on all sites you do. This can easily bring down your negative reviews or complaints down. 

Thursday, 19 April 2018

How to Deal With Negative Reviews Online

Negative reviews can pay you to worse. They can’t be removed easily unless it is inappropriate or considered as spam. They can shatter your business in a blink of an eye to levels you didn’t expect. Getting angry customer reviews or a feedback is common since they are the result of your product delivery or condition or by any malfunctioning but what about the reviews that are fake and inappropriate? These types of reviews can terribly affect your business and your potential customers. If not identified or excluded they can cause you more.

But before letting these reviews worsen your business you can process few steps to suppress the building issues. Here are the few discussed points that are common and effective to be implemented when you face fake reviews online or struggling to resolve it.

      Develop positive reviews:
These are the best and a ranking way among the customers. You can build or get positive reviews from your potential customers by attaching the review site link in your website or feedback emails or in the post-purchase thank you page. Create review profiles as many possible to get the reviews. By this way, you have a chance to suppress your negative review lower.

Actually, respond don’t react. If you find the review is fake and it provokes anger-take your time and relax. Check the person and the content of the reviews and face it legally if not reply publically demonstrating the issue. Or if you find the review appropriate and it’s because of your product outcome reply generously and contact them immediately to resolve it quickly. But never neglect to respond whether it is positive or negative reviews because it leaves a misconception among other customers that you don’t monitor well or hiding the truth.

Register on as many review site for your business. But before doing it Google your business and see which review site pop up’s top. This can actually create a good impact. Try optimizing the particular site and link it to your business website to grab enough reviews from your customers.

Contact immediately:
It’s advisable to take the critics offline soon. Respond them publically but don’t lower and brief your cause or details. Attach an email id or contact info when you respond them and once they respond contact immediately to solve the issue.

No automatic responses:
Respond authentically i.e. respond them individually by knowing their exact issue. Don’t create any automatic responses and that will be awful. People actually stop trusting your services since you don’t take any time to respond them individually.

Thus, in this way you can easily get your negative reviews go back to third pages on Google. Remember to maintain your online reputation always to be productively successful. Don’t get panic if you face any negative reviews online instead try to eradicate those with the above steps. Or contact an ORM service provider and pay few bucks to end the issue. 

Monday, 2 April 2018

Best Ways to Improve Online Reputation


Increasing brand reputation is not that easy. You should put your heart and soul into it to gain the trust of customers. A single negative review can create a great impact on your business so never allow it to grow in your websites. Social media and Google reviews play a major role in maintaining the credibility of the business. Traditionally, businesses grow through people’s word of mouth but now it is entirely different in this virtual world.

Yet there are many ways to improve your online reputation to avoid negative feedback or complaints from the customers. Once you start following it, you can gradually improve your branding.

Good support services: Be available for your customers when they need you. Providing active support services will create good results and yield trust. Respond to their queries, feedbacks, and reviews instantly. Only when they find your business interactive online i.e. giving information and resolving queries immediately they love to use it. You can gain reviews easily for your site if you do this precisely.

Fix problems immediately: If you are about to meet a problem say bad or negative reviews try to handle it professionally rather reacting fiery. If you did, another potential customer may create a bad impression of you and your business. So try to be calm and reach the reviewer to solve the problems immediately. Offer to compensate deals and offers to them to resolve it so that other customers will try to understand your situation and the fault behind.

Concentrate on reviews: Maintain a good platform for reviews always. People will always search for reviews if they are familiar with the business models. So if you find any negative reviews or complaints about the website try diminishing it soon. If you find good reviews respond thank you. By this way, you can gain more potential customers.

Strong social presence: Fledge the information on social sites to attract customers. People always search product, news and information regularly if they are new to it. So provide what they want. Create social media accounts and request them to follow you. Once you start to provide useful contents online gradually your business trust will increase. Have a personal interaction with customers and answer the comments regularly.

Build trust: This is where your company’s growth relies on. Either it will create high-productivity or break your business into pieces. Providing excellent services and delivering on time increases customer trust and also they can review your services voluntarily. Once this increases your brand image will automatically increase.

Thus, online reputation is a major part and should be maintained with utmost care. Try following the above steps to guard your website against negative reviews and complaints thereby improving trust.

Monday, 11 December 2017


Since it is a digital era, there is an immense increase in maintaining a website’s reputation regardless of industry type i.e. whether it is an e-commerce, health, education or whatever - your reviews are which matters the most among many people. However, on the other side, a strategy illustrates that people have started to acknowledge one-third of online product reviews are fake so it clearly states that your trust and credibility doesn’t depend only on the data showed or provided on your websites.
Here there are steps to maintain your website’s credibility other than removing your reviews and complaints online.
1. Build a strong competent team to maintain online reputation – Actually, these people will help your customers engaged via social media by posting your products and other digital resources. So be aware to build them strong.
2. Blog! Blog! Blog! – It is the key factor to build your online reputation. Only when you start blogging you can gain visitors who are transformed into customers and promoters in future. Your trust among customers will gradually increase once you have high-quality content on your site which is information rich and also make you rank better in search engines.
3. Be visible in social Medias – Create accounts on various social media sites to develop and to scale up. Facebook and LinkedIn are the best sources to promote your business better and higher since it has a number of users. It is requested to have business accounts for your profiles and most importantly you must spend the time to update it on daily basis with different information. If you are unable to manage various sites and can’t update it on daily basis then having a single account in any one of Social Media is enough. Use HootSuite tool to check your performance analytically.
4. Protect your identity – If you are about to start an account don’t start it with your personal name or any other name, it is better if you start with your company or organization name. People may identify you easily over the internet.
5. Keep track of your customers – It’s your responsibility to build a strong track between you and your customer. Only when you come to know about your customer’s activity on your products or service you can come up with good name or profitability. The main source for it is enlarging your web presence through Social Media. Be quick and responsive to your customers whether it is a bad review or for a good one only then you will be on the safer side. Setup Google alerts incorporated with your accounts or brand names so that Google can alert you if anything pop up’s on the internet regarding your sales or product.
6. Enlighten about feedbacks and promote positive comments – Get as much as you can since they are valuable across the internet. Encourage them to leave a feedback comment once they finish purchase from you – actually make it an easy process. Make them aware that their reviews are important for your business. Also, post testimonials (reviews) on your website to make it hike better and to keep them engaged.
7. Don’t get rid if you face negative reviews – It is not advisable to stay quiet when your website or business has a negative review online. A single negative review can cause you to lose about 22% of customers- So be aware of it. If it is a true one then kindly tell your side fault and apologize gently publically, if not report to the webmaster to edit or delete it.
So, these are the steps that are required to maintain your website presence good among various customers.
Next time when you start your business online be sure to follow these. Hope you find it useful.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Here Is What You Should Do for Your Negative reviews


Did you know that 86% of your customer will search for the review before they tend to buy a product? It was stated that a single negative review can reduce 22% of customer and the worst will happen when there are no reviews for your product. People will fall for your product only when the Google pop-up the high-rated star reviews at the top unless otherwise, you will be down.

Generally, we ourselves buy the product only when we find it worthy of the cost (i.e.) the “quality”. Reviewers perspective vary for every product based on their expectation and if it is not up to the level you may get these negative reviews and it doesn’t mean that you provide a bad product, the only thing is you should “Improvise”.

However, sometimes even the worst will lead you to wonders unless the wonder source is within you or your organization.

Scroll down, to watch the secret!

So, here are the things that you should do, when you face a negative review and once you acknowledge it ready to put it into action.

1. Reach-out immediately If you find your regular customer-facing issues and complaining do reach them soon via email or chat immediately. Apologize and explain the cause clearly and intimate that the issue won’t happen again. Make them convince.

2. Provide refunds or gifts – It is instructed to provide refunds or gift voucher’s to keep your customer engaged if your product has created any worse. When you do this, people will try to understand that the fault was unnoticed and will be ready to accept it. Also, while inquiring it is important for you to know the exact issue and the cause for it. Doing so, you can surely reduce the occurrence.

3. Publically apologize- It is even more effective when you comment and apologize publically. People find that you are concerned about the happening and the customer satisfaction. Apologize politely and explain about your years of sale and other things. Don’t boast! If you do so, it may lead in a different way.

4. Enlight about feedback – Fortunately, you can increase your business growth by suggesting and letting know about feedbacks to every customer. Tell them that their words matter you most.

5. Worrying doesn’t help – Getting worried over and over doesn’t bring back your customers. Try to make your one-star comment into 5 stars through your service and improvisation. Usually, people don’t find it a big deal when they come across single negative comment over many positive comments. But note, they will surely read it.

As said earlier, that they help to make wonders and this wonder solely depends on your perspectives.

You would have gradually come across a fact that, every negative has a positive. So this is what it explains!

1. Never hide your negative reviews – If you post and set only to show positive reviews on every product page people won’t find normal they will think that you are hiding your flaws. And that’s not a good thing to do. So it is fine to have a negative review.

2. Develops better product – It actually helps you increase your quality which thereby helps you grow. Only when you face bad reviews you will be pretty sure to make it perfect next time.

3. Opportunity to engage with various customers – When you show up in the comment box and apologizing to a related customer people will find it as a personal care. You can increase your business trust among various customers through this by explaining your issues.

So next time if you face any bad reviews don't get tense or hide it, try to sort it out smartly. But either way, this review can make your business grow or fail, but it’s good if you are aware of these things. Hope you would have gained something useful here! 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Tips for how to React and Respond to the online Negative Reviews

If you are running an online business, then the negative reviews which you got online were a very big headache for you. Responding to reviews ought to be through with care, however. Here are some tips for businesses who are aiming to begin responding to those reviews so you'll be able to avoid awkwardness and maximize the positive result on your complete.

  1. Never be defensive concerning negative reviews. Even though the reviewer was fully wrong and is acting sort of a jerk. You’re reaching to be writing what amounts to public relations content during this reply and it must be your best work. Everybody contains an unhealthy day, and this could have been theirs, thus it’s worth it to undertake to rise higher than the fight or flight response.
  2. Never write responses to online reviews once you’re mad. Sleep on that. Reserve it in notepad on your desktop and re-read it in exceedingly few days. There’s no rush and things written in emotional moments are seldom what you wish publicly read.
  3. Keep in mind that the responses are going to be scan by future customers, too. Over the months and years, your home page could also be reviewed tons of or thousands of times by potential customers creating shopping for choices supported others’ reviews. It’s controversial that the content you put on this response is a lot of necessary than most content you set on your website – and it deserves some thought.
  4. It takes the time to depart comments. Doing this means that they're doing you a favor and it's your probability to shine by responding with ability instead of duck and canopy. Typically reviews are simply useless rants, but the general public who browse them notice this and you've got an opportunity to indicate your stuff within the replies.
  5. Give your reply Short and Sweet. Don’t write an associate novel, simply capture the sentiment, and transfer the feeling and locomotive. However, don't copy and paste identical response on many succeeding reviews
  6. Don’t simply take the problem offline. Don’t respond telling them to decision you to debate each time. Offer some sort of response on the online publicly read, though you finish up continued the oral communication later. Taking it offline has the sensation of whispering before of dinner guests – it’s a little rude. But if there's a difficulty of privacy for the client, that’s a unique story. However, I’d still come later and write a response regarding however the problem was handled while not exposing personal information.
  7. Don’t get personal, though they did. Typically reviewers write once they’re ticked off, and that they attack specific workers of your company. Merely mark these as inappropriate and use the established editorial method to get rid of them. Google doesn’t wish that sort of review on there either.
  8. We like to recommend that you just establish ground rules for UN agency and the way responses square measure created. You will wish to delegate review response, however not till you have got a way that your employees perceive the importance of taking your time to urge it right. Several corporations state the review and let many folks look it over before replying.
  9. Don’t offer any freebies in your responses, like gift certificates, etc. This reads like graft. Simply a public many thanks are all you ought to do. If the reviewer asks for that specifically in their review, it’s best to merely ignore it if potential. If you must respond, describe however you think your services/products are fairly priced and pass on.
  10. You’re chargeable for your company, and generally business is simply not truthful. You own each the difficulty and also the response to that. Repeatedly reviewers simply need to be listened to and can take away the review after they want quite a variety.
  11. Nobody’s excellent, individuals understand that. However most significantly, you're chatting with future customers at this moment. It's okay to change things and admit just created miscalculation and apologize.
  12. Consider having somebody review your response. Run it by somebody (neutral, preferably) before you post it. Raise them to place the reviewer’s and future customers’ shoes on and see however they feel. As mentioned on top of, some firms post the computer address review on the corporate network to collaborate.
  13. There’s not perpetually a decent response. Sometimes, there's no response which will create the client happily. That’s life. You’ve got to form the simplest of it. It’s the “agree to disagree” section of your interaction. You must still tell the client you appreciate them and want things had turned out otherwise. Remember, you’re chatting with future customers similarly.
  14. If the client begins to abuse your page or looks “bat shit crazy” by all suggests that you're within your rights to report them and obtain the review removed. There’s no reason for a client to be calumnious or abusive. However detain mind, motility them down in one place could cause them to lightweight a fire elsewhere, therefore you wish to watch their activity! A Google alert got the wind of on their username together with your name within the question can’t hurt!
  15. Ask customers who feel the difficulty was resolved to travel edit their review or take away it. Some people that leave happy simply forget to travel fix it. It’s okay to prompt them and place a note on your calendar for a month later to take care. Then give thanks to them in associate email or a decision if it suits you.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sixth Star Technologies Reviews & Complaints

Sixth star technology is located in Chennai, they take care of Web designing, Development, Hosting services and SEO etc. They are doing an amazing job in IT environment.

Here we have some reviews of sixth star Technologies:

Email Hosting - Reviews

IT head from a famous Vijay TV said about Sixth Star Technologies was one of the dependable, easy to use, customer services oriented and low-valued. Few months before to they had an issue with their email accounts. They got more than 100 spam sends consistently. One of his colleagues recommended sharing the issue to SixthStar Technologies. Within 3 working days, they cleared the issues.

Web Designing & Hosting

Vice president of Makkal TV said that "Their programming experts have abilities and their vision for making intelligence was unbelievable. They also know how to make something remarkable and delightful and, in the meantime, capacities extremely well." and also he mentioned that they don’t have any complaints until now.

Web Hosting Service

IT head of Ashok Leyland said that first they faced many complaints continuously from other companies they tie up with the hosting companies, but after tied up with the Sixthstar Technologies they did not face any complaints or issues in hosting side.

Managing Director of Aqua Designs India Pvt. Ltd said that "I would like to recommend Sixth Star Technologies for Web Hosting. I am not sure how big is this company but Sixthstar Technologies having an excellent service and prompt customer support. Sixth Star Technologies never took more than 10 minutes to respond if I ask any kind of ask questions or complaints I raised. In Sixthstar Technologies their technical team could work efficient and clear the complaints or issues I raise will be clear by 10 minutes. I could refer Sixthstar Technologies to my friends. Very amazing performance."

IT Head of National Oxygen Limited said about sixth star technologies like as follows: The Sixth Star Technologies Technical Team has always answered all my questions or Complaints questions regardless of how silly or complicated I ask. Today I realized that I had an old/expired hosting plan with them that I forgot about, and sixth star Technologies quickly moved all my domains to the new hosting account in a matter of 2 minutes. Super helpful in every way!

Web Designing

Managing Director of Aqua Designs India Pvt. Ltd said that "Having already been inspired with Sixthstar Technologies work on my other organization site. I had no delay in meeting expectations with them again. We needed another site that mirrored our business and was extremely viable; Sixthstar Technologies built up this utilizing their Content Management System which made it unbelievably simple to oversee."

SEO Reviews

Vice President of Royal Court India said that he accumulated more SEO service providers for his website finally; he selected Sixth Star Technologies for their website to do SEO service. Before he got their service, his website not even indexing in search engines like Google, Yahoo.., after that the website came in Google first page along with that relevant keywords. That is very useful for his business level growing up. He is very glad to inform have an SEO service with Sixth Star Technologies.

Accounts Manager of GGR Enterprises conveys his reviews like “Beginning with the design and ending with the site speed I received several suggestions from Sixthstar Technologies to improve my website. Before start to do SEO, their site does not come in Google Search Engine page, But after start SEO in Sixthstar Technologies, his site comes to 1st Page within 3 months. It's a big achievement and also he can refer his friends to do SEO in Sixthstar Technologies.

If you want to grab the best quality of services don't hesitate to contact Sixth star Technologies.

How to Bring Down Negative Reviews Pages In Search Engines

How to Bring Down Negative Reviews Pages In Search Engine A recent strategy says, about 60% of online business gets low le...