Friday, 17 April 2015

Search engines are the most commonly used tools prospective customers use to find products and services on the Internet. Having your website appear in search engines is essential to your online success Search Engine Optimization is the starting point!

Sixth Star Technologies deliver more than just traffic; Sixth Star Technologies focus on turning that traffic into profit through increased leads and sales for your business. Sixth Star Technologies strategy creates a virtual sales funnel for your business - capturing the maximum value from every click and consistently delivering impressive results

Link Building or Off Page SEO Methods has changed definitely after Google Penguin overhaul. At Sixth Star Technologies, we have perceived the significance of Off Page/ Link Building exercises and techniques much sooner than the majority of our competitors.

Sixth Star Technologies SEO team work in arranging and carrying out the best effective off Page or Link building exercises for our clients. Each industry is unique, and our accomplished Sixth Star Technologies Link Building Staff has helped more than 4000 clients accomplish higher organic visibility through our unique mix of quality back links.

Why is Sixth Star Technologies Off Page SEO or Link Building Strategies So Successful?

Each Off Page crusade is unique and it is planned and executed after a definite investigation of industry, competition and current organic visibility.

  • All links are built manually, we don't utilize automated software or device to build links – We don't take easy route

  • Building backlinks utilizing intensive knowledge and comprehension of stay content dispersion, page rank quality, content pertinence, number of outbound connections and in particular topical similarity to customer's business and industry.
  • Sixth Star Technologies SEO reports will empower both you and your dedicated optimization manager to develop an SEO campaign to quickly and effectively increase your websites presence, promoting your pages higher and higher into the search engine results.

Important Factors to Consider When Going Designing a Website

Sixth Star Technologies is the leading Web Design Company and one stop solutions for all your web design needs for your company.

Benefits of our web design service:

  • SEO-friendly web design
  • Multiple Revision
  • W3C validated template
  • Custom Web Design
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
  • Professional, interactive and appealing design
  • User-friendly Navigation

If you are planning to design a website for your business, then you need to consider the following factors mentioned below.

Point Of The Website :

The aim and reason for the website ought to be clear to the both ends, i.e., the customer and the designers. Before setting out on the designing of the website, it’s essential to make it clear whom the website plans to serve. It is taking into account this component that a site can get more traffic and business leads.

SEO Friendly Design:

SEO is a key piece of internet marketing and the website design should be SEO sincere. Theweb site must consider the SEO segment, so that customers or guests can easily discover it on the first page of Google SERPs.

Responsive Design:

Advancement of innovation have acquainted us with advanced devices like cell phones, tablets, and so forth. In this way, therefore, the first and the foremost thing is to make a responsive website which would be perfect with different gadgets having distinctive screen size and introduction.

All said, yet the most important thing one needs to consider is that, one ought to dependably try for the main and solid web originators who have a considerable measure of involvement in this field. For this, choosing a decent web configuration organization would be the best bet, as they normally have on board a group of experienced designers and developers who know their task well and ordinarily offers high-quality services.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sixth Star Technologies Logo Design

Sixth Star Technologies in Chennai, India started at 2005 is one of leading IT solution provider. The Sixth Star Technologies is end-to-end solutions for all web design needs. Sixth Star Technologies does following activities (Web Design Services, Web Hosting Services, SEO, Software and etc.,).

SixthStar offers state-of-the-art, extends across a range of technologies comprehensive solutions for Web Designing, Linux, Windows, Payroll, ERP, Certralised Firewall, Server Support, Linux Support & Centralized client Backup.

Logo Design Explained
It is important to verify your company has extraordinary marking. Without a decent logo, combination of colors, and overall branding, Sixth Star Technologies does your company is going to have some major time making a name for it. On the other hand, with an incredible logo, your brand gets to be effectively recognized and caught on. Your clients will know a ton about your company in a single glance.

Color in Design:
One of the first questions asked when you have a logo designed for you is what colors you want. This is because coloring is extremely important in logo design. The shades and hues you choose will make an impact on the visual feel your company gives. Colors have different feelings and emotions attached to them, so choosing the right colors is a crucial step in creating your logo.

White Space in Design:

Too many people decide that they want to fill all the space they have with wording, images, and anything else they are considering adding. This is not the best option for any design. The white space around the logo, and that within the logo itself, is crucial to ensuring the best design possible. White space helps direct the eye where you want it to focus, which is part of the design that people cannot ignore. Make sure that there is some space around the main section of your logo design.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How to Remove Bad Reviews and Complaints in Google Search Engine

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google?

If you are reading this, then you have most likely gotten a negative reviews or complaints on Google places. Well the first dash of awful news is that the Google spots surveys are apparently disagreeable (written work savvy) in a great deal of regions, yet the ones that ARE composed frequently have a wide and substantial readership. Some of them are basically difficult to miss. So if you have a negative review or complaints on there, then there are a lot of people who are seeing it.. - See more faq for ORM for to remove bad reviews or complaints

Google won't evacuate a reivews, compliants, unless you give them a court request. Where without a doubt you may have the capacity to get a court request to remove a negative reviews, complaints assessment or protest on a site that is committed just to customer protests, yet Google is most certainly not. So a court request will be troublesome and extravagant.

You can try an online reputation management or your company to remove your bad reviews, complaints.  They may have more luck than you, and if you only pay in return for a guaranteed removal the reviews or complaints, or only pay IF they are able to remove the reviews or complaints, then do that.  Don’t pay for them to TRY, because you are simply paying them to fail.

If it is possible, then you should also try to contact the negative reviews, complaints poster and try to convince them to remove the negative reviews or complaints.  You can also try to remove your business from Google places, so that the reviews or complaints disappears, and then add it in again.  Maybe even write the address or the name a little differently so that if the reviews or complaints is still on the server, that it is not linked with your company.

Whatever strategy is used to create positive reviews or complaints and attention about your undertaking, recollect that: it is never a good idea to write positive reviews about your own company.Even very subtle wordings and inflections in positive reviews can raise red flags if they are not 100 percent genuine. Standing out as attempts at self-promotion, they raise doubts about your company’s legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers.

Use Google's Public URL Removal Tool

In order to expedite the removal of materials, especially private and confidential information that urgently needs to be deleted from search engines, Google offers a public URL removal tool for removing bad reviews or complaints. This will flag the offending URL for Google crawlers when re-crawling websites, and any outdated URLs will eventually drop out of search results.

Unfortunately, this approach is largely ineffective for how to remove negative reviews on Google search results compiled from reputable sites like Google+. Many businesses have found that, even after contacting third-party review websites and having negative reviews completely removed, the objectionable material continues to show up prominently in Google searches for several months, even up to a year.

Fight Negative Reviews with Positive Reviews

Restricted that numerous organizations have found to battle negative reviews or complaints is to swarm them out with positive reviews or complaints. Maybe a couple negative reviews or complaints among twenty is not out of the ordinary. How would you advance these positive reviews or complaints in sufficient amount to have any kind of effect?

Whatever technique is utilized to produce positive reviews or complaints and reputation about your undertaking, recollect that: it is never a smart thought to compose positive reviews or complaints about your own particular organization.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Sixthstar Hosting Advantage

Sixth Star Technologies introduced new offers in Hosting service. They can reduce the cost of the Hosting Service. You can pay half of the amount but you can enjoy full service upto you can touch with Sixth Star Technologies.

There are 4 Types of Hosting Service in Sixth Star Technologies

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Data Center Hosting
From a small organization to large organization we offer different range of Hosting Price based upon your requirements.

Sixth Star Technologies has specialise in Linux Web Hosting and Linux E-mail Hosting Service. We support team can do excellent service in Linux. They can handle the customer kindly and they answer any type of query asked by the customer. 

Within Linux Hosting there are three types in Linux Hosting

Specialists in Windows Web hosting and Email Hosting plans, Sixth Star Technologies has a wide range of feature-packed options for you to choose from. The flexibility features and reliability you need to succeed on the Web at an affordable price is only a click away. For a limited time get 3 months of free hosting and pay no setup fees!

Within Windows Hosting there are three types in Windows Hosting

We are the Renown Reseller hosting in chennai. We provide you with a rock solid hosting infrastructure to sell as your own service!
Reseller web hosting  also suits clients with a requirement to host multiple reseller sites under a single hosting package, or large scale websites with larger bandwidth and disk space requirements.

How Does Reseller Hosting Work?

We provide you with high quality web space to manage yourself - you can then add/edit/remove hosting for sites you wish to host. You can be managing your own reseller hosting company, selling hosting to your clients, or hosting multiple sites of your own in minutes!

Sixthstar Reseller Hosting Features

  • We provide full control over the websites you host via your reseller hosting control panel. You can manage, add, edit, and remove sites quickly and easy at any time.

  • We provide your reseller hosting account fully branded with your own logo and DNS name servers.

  • Each site you host in reseller hosting has its own individual control panel; this is branded with your logo and allows for easy site management - reducing your workload.

  • Each site you decide to host has access to the full range of powerful features detailed further down this page, with no hidden or added costs.

  • You don't need any technical knowledge to be a reseller hosting. We take care of managing the server to make sure your sites are online 100% of the time.

  • In Sixth Star Technologies, Chennai, India have Professional Reseller Hosting server staffs are online 24/7 and 365 days a year to make sure you’re always given priority support for any questions or concerns.

  • Reselling server hosting saves you time and money - servers are expensive to maintain. You will be reselling using an infrastructure that took us 8 years to perfect   

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sixth Star Technologies Technical Reviews

Sixth star technologies in Chennai doing very very excellent services in hosting side. Sixth star technologies provides good support in technical side. They can give excellent support for 24*7 and 365 days for customer query. Sixth star technologies treat each and every client has unique and important one.

Sixth star technologies is one of the web's most famous hosts, offering both standard shared plans starting as low as ---/month and dedicated server plans for our customers at very very low cheap price with large bandwith and availability needs. Sixth Star technologies has a reputation for regular credits and added features for its customers.

Sixth star technologies is not afraid to offer you to access the following features: Unlimited email accounts, support for Google apps, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database and more. Sixth star technologies customer support is always work very excellent and affordable.

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