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Important factors about Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a contentious topic in the SEO space. It is very easy to ruin your competitor's rankings with negative SEO. In this article, we’ll do our best to share something about negative SEO and the ways to stay safe from your competitors.

Fig: 1 Negative SEO

What is Negative SEO?
Negative SEO is nothing but using the black hat and unofficial methods to affect a competitor's rankings in search engines. Negative SEO can take a number of different forms like hacking your websites like Building hundreds or thousands of spammed links to your website, content scraping, and Etc. Here I’m going to tell about some negative SEO techniques.
Negative Off-Page SEO Techniques:
Link Farms:
On Internet, a link farm is referred as any group of web sites that all interconnected to every other site in the group. Even if some link farms can be formed by hand, most of them were created by automated programs and services. A link farm is a form of making spam indexing of a web search engine generally known as spamdexing. Other link exchange systems are designed to allow person websites to selectively swap links with other appropriate websites and are not measured a form of spamdexing.
Simply a link farm is a hub of interlinked websites. These sites used to link to each other to increase the link reputation of each site's pages. You could acquire links from these websites to boost your own site's PageRank.
To avoid these types of Negative SEO attacks you need to frequently monitor link profile growth.
Fig: 2 Spamdexing
Spamdexing, this word comes from “spamming” and “indexing,” refers to the practice of search engine spamming. It is a form of SEO spamming. Spamdexing is the observance of creating websites that will be illegally indexed with a high position in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc. Occasionally, spamdexing is used to try and operate a search engine’s accepting of a category. The objective of a web designer must generate a web page that will find the positive listing in the search engines, and they generate their pages according to the standards that they believe will help – unluckily, some of them way out to spamdexing.
Fake reviews:
In SEO reviews are one of the most important elements. If you got a negative review it not only affect your page rank, it also affects your business. So reviews are knowingly easy to generate, and they may be the first thing a jealous competitor will try to do in Negative SEO. So you have to keep track of your website regularly and try to remove the fake reviews as soon as possible.
Heavy crawling:
If a competitor wants to crash your website it is also possible with heavy crawling one of the negative SEO techniques. Mostly, this is done by vigorously crawling the site and thus causing heavy server load. This may lead to slow down your website some cases crash it overall. If search engines like Google, yahoo cannot access your website when it's along, you'll positively drop some crawl budget.
If you found out that your site is becoming slower, or crashes, then immediately you must contact your hosting company or webmaster. They will tell you from where the load is coming from according to that you can make your decision.
Content Scrapping:
Generally, it is known as a content theft from any other relevant websites and publishing it on your website. This is also a type negative SEO technique is stolen content that is called content scrapping. It allows scraping your site's content and copying it to other websites, at times even as part of the link farms discussed above.
Then the updated version of Google, which is Google Panda, was designed mainly to detect and fight against content duplication. So when Google comes to know duplicated content across multiple sites, they will generally pick only one page to rank. Even though Google is clever enough to recognize the original source of the content, unfortunately, the scraped copy gets indexed before the original. This is the reason why scrapers often repeatedly copy new content and re-post it right away. If Google finds the scrappers page first, it may de-rank your page, and rank the scraper site in front of your page.
These are some of the Negative Off page techniques you must be aware of protecting your website from your competitors.

Negative SEO detection and Removal Service:

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sixth star technologies reviews

Sixth Star Technologies Reviews and Complaints Removal Tricks

negative review removal | sixth star tecnologies
Fig:1 Negative Review 
When the world of the internet turns into smart, the customers also grows smart who deals with the Internet to show off their reviews. If we get a positive review that really helps to our business a lot. But in case if any of your customers gave a negative review then it will be a very big drawback in your business.
Now we will see how to handle those reviews to maintain your business.

Immediate Response:

If you got negative reviews, don’t panic. Think about it and discuss with someone in your business about the review. Respond to the customers immediately through where you got the negative review. Example like Yelp, Consumer complaint Facebook, Google reviews, Complaints etc.

sixth star review discussion
Fig:2 Discuss with partners about Review

Case: 1 Direct Approach

If that complaint caused by your fault then you are fully responsible for that. Because you only knows about your business is how important to you. In this case you can try to reach the customer by call or Email in person. And ask for apologies for the inconvenience caused by you. Then try to compromise them by the way of better service again or refund like that. After compromising you can ask then to remove the review.

Case: 2 Contact Web Master

In this case the negative complaints or reviews can be raised by your competitors or your enemies to spoil your business. Now, it is really a headache to you. If the reviews are false then you can contact the webmaster or the website to remove the complaint by proving that the review was false. If they convince they will remove or else we have to move to the other ways.
Do you think what the other ways are? Wait, I’ll let you know below.

Be Calm and Think

sixth star technologies review ORM services
Fig: 3 Think well before Doing anything
Negative reviews, with a strong opinion or comments, may cause bad impression on you for the new customer thought to become your client.
Take your own time to know your opinion and respond to the complaint by replying something like sorry for the inconvenience or Thank you for the valuable comment; we will try to rectify the thing Etc.
If, after talking with the person, you find there is a good point to his comments, take positive steps to therapy the situation. When warranted, provide restitution in the form of a coupon or discount.

A Bad Review Is an Opportunity to know more about your company

Even though there are 100 of positive and good reviews are there about you, Even a single negative complaint shows you to where you have to concentrate on your business more or from where mistakes have been made. So take it in a good manner and try to remove that. If you can’t remove, then move on In the place of 100 good reviews one or two bad reviews or complaints will not affect that much. All the Bad Reviews Don’t Mean That you’re bad.

sixth star technologies complaints removal
Fig:4 Bad reviews for Improve your Business

Now we are going to know about the other possible ways to handle the negative reviews.

Instead of trying to remove the bad reviews, de-rank them from Google

If you can’t remove the reviews then think about the other possibilities. You may not remove them but you may drown them out by having more number of positive reviews created after the negative review.
Keep your social media active and Keep posting positive reviews or good things about your company eventually.

What should I do if all these fail?

You May here about the Word ORM. i.e., Online Reputation Management.

Consider hiring a reputable online reputation management Company. One Who can effectively offer to delete negative comments, or helps to produce positive reviews It is actually impossible to remove reviews without the knowledge of the client who posted it. So it is better to contact a company who taking care of this.

sixth star technologies reviews removal
Fig :5 Online Reputation Management

Sixth Star Technologies: Complaints Removal Services - ORM

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Our history starts in 2007 as SEO Service, website designing, domain registration and  the web hosting company. During the last 10 years, Sixth Star Technologies has successfully implemented more than 900+ projects on different platforms. Including removal of Reviews and Complaints from search Engines.

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