Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Backlinks are necessary one in today’s world to rank higher among the competition. Thousands of webmasters participate in link building techniques like forum based link building, cross linking, paid backlinks, through this effort skills Google penalizes these websites. Nearly everybody looks to be conscious of Google sea bird. So link building technique has become very hard one presently. As a solution to the current, webmasters are following three approaches of linking. It's comparatively safer approach of building backlinks.


Let’s think about three web sites – website one, web site a pair of and web site three. In three manner linking, web site one links to web site two, web site two links to web site three and web site three links to web site one. Therefore it's sort of a circuit of links. The goal of doing therefore is to link all the websites during a network; however while not cross-linking. Number two websites link one another directly. So, they keep safe from cross-linking penalties. This additionally helps protective the link juice among the web site network.


Assume you and your friends run a web log network. There are unit around fifty totally different blogs. Obviously, you all can need to follow the traffic and link juice through all of your blogs. For that you simply can link every other’s web log. These area unit known as cross links or reciprocal links. And it's second manner link building. However Google and different search engines don’t take this in traditional manner. You'll see traffic drop rather than increase. You may additionally get punished if the amount of internet sites is higher.

To overcome this, webmasters have developed a brand new manner of link building. And it's third manner link building. There are often three individual websites, teams or a large network of internet sites, typically in a very network, the websites area unit hosted on servers at totally different locations. This promotes geo-diversity within the network. This helps ranking higher and search engines not detection link commerce simply.


Even if they're not cross-links, they're still artificial links. The sole convenience of them is to control the natural flow of link juice and thus search results. Google has already started detective work this link trade and may take strict action in future.


If the websites don't seem to be connected, their linking doesn’t build a lot of sense. Imagine a fitness connected web site linking to physics connected web site. Why can a user longing for fitness tip need to understand physics? If there are unit excessive of such links, they're undoubtedly progressing to worsen the user expertise. Note that user expertise is that the main key to rank higher.


Some webmasters strive to not nettle users. They produce a separate page for links. Then place a link thereto page somewhere on the web site. You may have seen websites with pages like ‘Our Friends’, ‘Our Partners’ etc. These pages are nothing however link lists. After you visit the page, you discover solely links with keywords. This can be all useless for users. However it prevents showing numerous links on the particular webpages.

However, search engines don’t like such pages as a result of the pages contain solely outgoing links. These pages themselves can’t get enough importance.


Three method link building is a good various to 2 method link building. It's benefits additionally as drawbacks over SEO. If you're a network of connected quality websites, go with it. However if the websites are poor in quality and unrelated, don’t roll in the hay. Conjointly avoid taking part in 3 method linking scams, link exchange and link trades. As a result of we have a tendency to don’t comprehend alternative websites. If they're spamming, your web site can get affected, continually try and maintain the standard of your web site and link to/from solely quality websites. 

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