Friday, 27 January 2017

Sixth Star Technologies Reviews

Sixth Star Technologies Seo Services provide the service to the customers and give a proper reports and ranking when the page is to be optimised and still their is no complaints from the company and give positive reviews to the form of the customers.

In seo we used to analyse and the site and get a keyword by using the for the each web pages of the website and also used to analyse the competitor for the particular keyword using the analyse using the Google , Bing ,yandex and  Yahoo., we used to index the site using the various search engines and if it is get indexed we used to analyse using the form of the site.

Fig 1.1 search engine Techniques 

Search Engine Optimization

It could be done in the starting stage seo onpage could be done for the each keyword using the page source the key word could be optimised using the meta tag ,description and then in the Title the following keyword could be changed and optimised  using the following keywords.

Then, the contents could be used to optimised and the following keyword could bee present in the title tag, meta-tag, description and even the contents could be optimised using the follwing keywords 
and Sixth Star Technologies Reviews give the proper service to customers  and get a postive reviews to the customers mainly in seo services and still their no complaints about our services.

Fig 1.2 Google Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation Consist of two types of services we used  and they are on-page and off-page optimisation.

ON-page Optimization 

In Onpage optimization we used to change the title and meta-tag ,description could be changes using the form of the keyword and it could be done using the starting stage of the SEO mainly and it could be used to done and optimised using for the one month and later it could be done using the other form of keyword.

OFF-page Optimization

In off-page optimisation we used to follow some of the link building techniques like Bookmarking,guest posting,content managements ,photo sharing,website indexing ,social bookmarking, video posting ,forum creation,widget and gadget,etc., are some of the techniques that is used to follow in link building  techniques.

Fig 1.3 Link building and contents managements techniques

SEO their is two types of  onpage and off-page techniques that is used to follow and 80% off page techniques and 20% of onpage when we do that is the main norms that used to follow or else 28%of onpage when we use to follow 78%of off page techniques we used for the reputation for the sites then only we get a postive results for the sites.

Video 1.1 Social Media Online Reputation 

Mainly, in google search engine their is contents optimized mainly for the all pages compared to other search engine some may prefer for the linkbuilding techniques and but not only the contents and also used to optimised using the image and page structure and how it is to be construct that used to calculate  according to the algorithm that is used to frame for the search engines.

Clients always used to support for the service and we were doing and still their is no complaints for the service that we were doing and give positive review about the company  and we used mainly some of the offpage techniques for the proper ranking Sixth Star Technologies used to follow lot of   linkbuilding techniques more than 50 techniques we follow for the ranking and onpage contents managements we used to follow and get positive reviews about our SEO service for the company also that is used to follow for the proper and standard ranking.

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