Friday, 1 December 2017

Here Is What You Should Do for Your Negative reviews


Did you know that 86% of your customer will search for the review before they tend to buy a product? It was stated that a single negative review can reduce 22% of customer and the worst will happen when there are no reviews for your product. People will fall for your product only when the Google pop-up the high-rated star reviews at the top unless otherwise, you will be down.

Generally, we ourselves buy the product only when we find it worthy of the cost (i.e.) the “quality”. Reviewers perspective vary for every product based on their expectation and if it is not up to the level you may get these negative reviews and it doesn’t mean that you provide a bad product, the only thing is you should “Improvise”.

However, sometimes even the worst will lead you to wonders unless the wonder source is within you or your organization.

Scroll down, to watch the secret!

So, here are the things that you should do, when you face a negative review and once you acknowledge it ready to put it into action.

1. Reach-out immediately If you find your regular customer-facing issues and complaining do reach them soon via email or chat immediately. Apologize and explain the cause clearly and intimate that the issue won’t happen again. Make them convince.

2. Provide refunds or gifts – It is instructed to provide refunds or gift voucher’s to keep your customer engaged if your product has created any worse. When you do this, people will try to understand that the fault was unnoticed and will be ready to accept it. Also, while inquiring it is important for you to know the exact issue and the cause for it. Doing so, you can surely reduce the occurrence.

3. Publically apologize- It is even more effective when you comment and apologize publically. People find that you are concerned about the happening and the customer satisfaction. Apologize politely and explain about your years of sale and other things. Don’t boast! If you do so, it may lead in a different way.

4. Enlight about feedback – Fortunately, you can increase your business growth by suggesting and letting know about feedbacks to every customer. Tell them that their words matter you most.

5. Worrying doesn’t help – Getting worried over and over doesn’t bring back your customers. Try to make your one-star comment into 5 stars through your service and improvisation. Usually, people don’t find it a big deal when they come across single negative comment over many positive comments. But note, they will surely read it.

As said earlier, that they help to make wonders and this wonder solely depends on your perspectives.

You would have gradually come across a fact that, every negative has a positive. So this is what it explains!

1. Never hide your negative reviews – If you post and set only to show positive reviews on every product page people won’t find normal they will think that you are hiding your flaws. And that’s not a good thing to do. So it is fine to have a negative review.

2. Develops better product – It actually helps you increase your quality which thereby helps you grow. Only when you face bad reviews you will be pretty sure to make it perfect next time.

3. Opportunity to engage with various customers – When you show up in the comment box and apologizing to a related customer people will find it as a personal care. You can increase your business trust among various customers through this by explaining your issues.

So next time if you face any bad reviews don't get tense or hide it, try to sort it out smartly. But either way, this review can make your business grow or fail, but it’s good if you are aware of these things. Hope you would have gained something useful here! 

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