Monday, 11 December 2017


Since it is a digital era, there is an immense increase in maintaining a website’s reputation regardless of industry type i.e. whether it is an e-commerce, health, education or whatever - your reviews are which matters the most among many people. However, on the other side, a strategy illustrates that people have started to acknowledge one-third of online product reviews are fake so it clearly states that your trust and credibility doesn’t depend only on the data showed or provided on your websites.
Here there are steps to maintain your website’s credibility other than removing your reviews and complaints online.
1. Build a strong competent team to maintain online reputation – Actually, these people will help your customers engaged via social media by posting your products and other digital resources. So be aware to build them strong.
2. Blog! Blog! Blog! – It is the key factor to build your online reputation. Only when you start blogging you can gain visitors who are transformed into customers and promoters in future. Your trust among customers will gradually increase once you have high-quality content on your site which is information rich and also make you rank better in search engines.
3. Be visible in social Medias – Create accounts on various social media sites to develop and to scale up. Facebook and LinkedIn are the best sources to promote your business better and higher since it has a number of users. It is requested to have business accounts for your profiles and most importantly you must spend the time to update it on daily basis with different information. If you are unable to manage various sites and can’t update it on daily basis then having a single account in any one of Social Media is enough. Use HootSuite tool to check your performance analytically.
4. Protect your identity – If you are about to start an account don’t start it with your personal name or any other name, it is better if you start with your company or organization name. People may identify you easily over the internet.
5. Keep track of your customers – It’s your responsibility to build a strong track between you and your customer. Only when you come to know about your customer’s activity on your products or service you can come up with good name or profitability. The main source for it is enlarging your web presence through Social Media. Be quick and responsive to your customers whether it is a bad review or for a good one only then you will be on the safer side. Setup Google alerts incorporated with your accounts or brand names so that Google can alert you if anything pop up’s on the internet regarding your sales or product.
6. Enlighten about feedbacks and promote positive comments – Get as much as you can since they are valuable across the internet. Encourage them to leave a feedback comment once they finish purchase from you – actually make it an easy process. Make them aware that their reviews are important for your business. Also, post testimonials (reviews) on your website to make it hike better and to keep them engaged.
7. Don’t get rid if you face negative reviews – It is not advisable to stay quiet when your website or business has a negative review online. A single negative review can cause you to lose about 22% of customers- So be aware of it. If it is a true one then kindly tell your side fault and apologize gently publically, if not report to the webmaster to edit or delete it.
So, these are the steps that are required to maintain your website presence good among various customers.
Next time when you start your business online be sure to follow these. Hope you find it useful.

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